To most, a roof is a roof, is a roof. What they fail to realize is that many of the same of issues that your home’s roof encounters are magnified exponentially with a commercial roof. Where a residential roof covers the roof deck and supports usually only one chimney and a few vents, the roof of your office building often supports multiple ventilation and elevator shafts. Thanks to our multiple years of experience as Austin roofers, we at Bluebonnet Custom Roofing have become very familiar with many of the issues that your commercial building’s roof faces.

Along with many of the same challenges that you’ll find with a residential roof, commercial roofing also presents its own unique set of problems thanks to the differences in design, the different materials used to cover them, and the much larger surface area that they are typically required to cover. As such, our approach involves more hands-on maintenance when it comes to preventing roofing problems.