Frequently Asked Questions: Roofing, Repairs, Etc.

Are you unsure if you need a repair or a roof replacement? Read our frequently asked questions and contact us for more information.

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The first thing you want to ask yourself is, When is the last time I had my roof repaired or replaced? If your answer is more than 5 years, you probably want to have your roof looked at.

The second, and probably one of the most clear indicators of needing a new roof, is the wear and tear of the roof’s shingles. Shingles tend to fall off due to inclement weather – be it rain or heavy sunlight over the years.

The third, and probably the most dire sign, is if your ceiling is leaking through the inside of your building. This is an obvious sign and requires immediate attention from a professional.

This is entirely dependent on quality, materials, and severity of the damage. You might not need a new roof, but certain parts may need replacement.

Different contractors will do varying levels of work. Contracting a company you can trust is the most important thing when gathering quotes and short term costs should not be a factor in your roof’s longevity. Give us a call for a free estimate.

No. Gutters and downspouts can always be worked around if they are still in good shape. With Bluebonnet, we won’t recommend any unnecessary repairs. If we’re working on your roof, gutters and downspouts will be worked around, and vice versa.

A great job takes effort and time. We will not lie to you and promise you a new roof in a day if the work will require more than that. Standard roof installations may take up to three days, but your installation will depend on your needs. Contact us to learn more and get a quote.

Not always. In fact, most leaks are isolated to one area of the roof and those materials can be replaced or fixed easily.

If the roofing system has been compromised due to low quality insulation or wood then the entire roof may have to be replaced.

A well maintained roof can last a couple of decades. While most shingle roofing systems require more maintenance and upkeep, standing seam metal roofs last much longer with less regular maintenance and can even endure severe weather patterns.

While this solution may seem like time saved and less labor, the problem may be beneath your old roof and within the insulation or plywood itself. Problems such as deterioration or termites will persist and a new roof will only suffer the same problems and make it harder to repair in the long run. We recommend having an inspection done before deciding on a fix or replacement. Contact us for an inspection today.

This will vary greatly depending on your specific needs and wants. Personal preference to your home or business plays an important role in the decision making process of an entirely new roofing system.

If style and looks are important as well as durability, a standing seam metal roofing system is the way to go. If a replacement job is needed, the materials chosen will usually default to what was used previously for the roofing system.