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Durable Roofing Solutions for Central Texas Homeowners

Among your roofing choices, metal roofs are the longest lasting and most leak-resistant option available. One of the benefits is that metal roofs do not absorb water. Come heavy rain, hail, or even snow in Austin and see the durability of a good metal roof installation. Your roof will hold even in the worst weather and still look as good as new. Many home and business owners are opting for metal roofs for its versatility and affordability.

Energy Efficient Metal Roofs

Texas heat kills energy bills. Not only is a metal roof extremely durable, it’s also environmentally sustainable and cost efficient. Metal roofs are typically made of recycled material and generate less waste than other materials. They save up to 40% in air-conditioning costs when it’s hot and provide warm insulation during the winter months.

Cool metal roofing is typically used in warmer climates like Central Texas and has an unpainted finish to reflect solar radiation, diverting heat away from the inside of your home or business.

Money in Your Pockets

Metal roofing alone will cut down your energy bill and save you money significantly in the long run. You can also install solar panels for additional cost savings and substantially cut down your carbon footprint. Shade provided by solar panels will also increase the cooling effect the metal roof provides to your home or business.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installations in Austin

Consider standing seam metal roofing for minimal maintenance and longevity. Homeowners’ roofing options used to be limited, but Bluebonnet Custom Roofing has changed the game.

Standing seam metal roofs were exclusively for commercial properties, but homeowners can now opt for more than asphalt or composition shingles. Initial installation and overall cost might seem daunting. However, standing seam metal roofs are a smart choice because its durability and reliability are a better pay off in the long run.

How Can You Benefit from Standing Seam Metal Roofs?

Standing seam metal roofs are exactly what it’s called, standing seams, because it’s leveled up higher than your normal roof. Panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. Seams are by definition the weakest point in a roof system and are raised higher than water level to avoid future damage.

Standing seam metal roofs are in and they offer benefits you didn’t know you needed. Save future repair and replacement costs along with keeping low energy bills. Work with Bluebonnet Custom Roofing, a leading Roofing Company in Austin and change the roof over your head.


Less Seams

Metal panels run horizontally from the top of your roof to the bottom. In total, your roof installation requires less seams.


Proper installation and maintenance guarantees a longer life for your new roof. It can last up to 50 years!

Keeps You Cool

EPA considers all metal roofs “cool” and solar heat preventable. Metal roofs already come in multiple colors for your choosing, but you can paint a lighter color to keep it cooler.

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Sleek Design

Choose standing seam roofs for an aesthetically appealing and sleek look. The material we use give your home a modern look with the advantage of a dependable commercial-like feel.

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