Bluebonnet Roofing Cost Calculator

Estimate the cost of a new roof installation in your home with our cost calculator.

How To Calculate in 3 Easy Steps

Using your information, our roofing cost calculator will multiply your roof’s approximate square footage by your chosen material’s cost per square feet to create an estimate of a full replacement cost.

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Note: There are other factors that affect the actual square footage of the roofing materials to be replaced, such as roof overhangs and covered porches, and other cost items that aren’t factored in this cost estimate calculator. Actual written proposals may vary.

Finance Opportunities with Bluebonnet Roofing

You can benefit from our finance opportunities. Based on your Austin Tx roofing cost estimate, you can explore competitive loan options with our partner lenders.

Quick Guide to Measuring Your Roof’s Pitch

The Run

From the outside edge of your roof (directly up the slope), measure a horizontal distance of 12 inches. This is called the run of your roof.

Mark exactly 12 inches with chalk, pencil, or tape.

Extend a level line from your 12-inch mark that reaches back toward the edge of your roof. (Make sure the level line is suspended in air.)

The Rise

Measure vertically from the end of the level line downward, toward the edge of your roof. This is the rise of your roof.

The vertical measurement (rise) over 12 inches of horizontal movement (run) is the pitch of your roof.

General Pitch Estimates

Low = 3/12 – 5/12
Medium = 6/12 – 9/12
High = 10/12 – 12/12