Your residential roof is the only line of defense that your home has against the harsh elements of the Texas climate. Whether it’s hot, baking temperatures, a high humidity index, or those hill country winds, your roof is called upon to stand up against a lot. Having to endure such external forces will inevitably require the services of an Austin roofing contractor at some point.

Yet many homeowners hesitate to make that call when it’s truly needed, afraid that they’ll be taken for a ride by a dishonest roofer. We at Bluebonnet Custom Roofing completely understand the concern and thus offer up a free estimate of your roof’s condition that’s easy to understand and follow. We want you to trust in us and in our service, which is why we also offer our own guarantee of workmanship beyond the original manufacturer warranties on the products we use

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Top 10 Austin Roofing FAQs

  Considering getting some work done by an Austin roofing company? You probably have some questions.   Thankfully, the experts at Bluebonnet Roofing are here to help you out. Read on below to learn our 10 most frequently asked questions about Austin roofing and their answers.     Top 10 Austin Roofing FAQs   Take…

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How to Clean Your Gutters

  Read on as the Roofing Austin, TX experts teach you how to clean your gutters!   It is that time of the year again. The long winter is over and spring has sprung! It’s a clear reminder that it’s time for spring cleaning. Tackle small projects like cleaning out closets, and large ones like…

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Austin Roofing Maintenance 101   Every year so many homeowners replace their roof, either because there was a premature roof failure or the last storm damaged it. That’s why Austin roofing experts recommend doing an in-depth check on a roof, at least twice a year.   A preventive maintenance program is simply a checklist of scheduled roof inspection…